The value of ecommerce analytics tools

Going online to shop is increasingly popular for consumers, growth in online sales is outstripping in store purchases. This trend has been true for sectors like travel and fashion for a while, but more recently FMCG online sales reflect this trend as well. According to Nielsen’s Connected Commerce report (2018) about a third of consumers

Partnership with Asda and Nielsen Brandbank continues to drive the future of online grocery shopping and more

Aware of the importance of having accurate and current product images and content available online, Asda decided to partner with Nielsen Brandbank a decade ago to deliver product content onto As one of the world’s most trusted digital content providers, Nielsen Brandbank ensures that all product content is available in line with the critical

We are here to help – the launch of our new support platform

With over 7000 brand manufacturers and 260 retailers globally, customer satisfaction has always been at the core of our business and we continuously aim to deliver excellent service to our customers. That is why we have launched a new support platform to our customers across the world, providing solutions within a timely manner via an

Why should the industry adopt Planogram Solutions?

For brand manufacturers getting your product content online can be an expensive and time consuming task. Once a retailer requests your content you have to spend time sourcing your product images and data before sending it across to the retailer; then repeat for each other retailer planning to sell your products online, adhering to their

How does social media impact the way consumers shop?

Social media; a collection of websites or applications that enable users to create, share and interact with content. Also known as social networking, what can be seen as a something that has had a negative impact of recent years can also be an effective marketing tool for brands, retailers and businesses. But with so many