Does loyalty still exist within the FMCG industry?

Before supermarkets were introduced back in the early 1900’s, consumers would shop across multiple businesses to complete their weekly shop. From greengrocers to butchers to bakeries and from milkmen to the traditional corner shop – everything wasn’t available in one individual place (with the exception of perhaps, a weekly market). This meant that, loyalty was

Case study: Boyne Valley optimises products ready for mobile

THE CHALLENGE Aware of the increasing numbers of consumers shopping for groceries via mobile devices, Boyne Valley wanted to ensure their products were optimised and displayed clearly on all devices. This was the first time Boyne Valley had invested in focusing on mobile commerce for their brands so it was important for Nielsen Brandbank to

Case Study: Kerry Foods Optimises Products to Maximise Ecommerce Sales

THE CHALLENGE Kerry Foods had previously used an external agency to optimise their imagery alongside collating retailer data to assess product performance across each platform. Realising over 50% of their ecommerce sales came from mobile, the business wanted to ensure they were continuing to maximise on sales. NIELSEN BRANDBANK’S SOLUTION Nielsen Brandbank already hosted Kerry

New Wholesalers join the Nielsen Brandbank and Erudus Partnership

Nielsen Brandbank are pleased to welcome three new wholesalers into it’s exciting mix of organisations joining the partnership with Erudus. Caterite, Dunn’s Food & Drink, Lomond Foods are the latest wholesalers taking advantage of the partnership. Together, Nielsen Brandbank and Erudus power one unified solution for the FMCG industry, capturing, managing and distributing accurate product

Omnichannel customer experience

Customer experience in the digital era

Consumers today are increasingly tech savvy making purchasing decisions across multiple channels to ensure that they get exactly what they are looking for. For retailers this means that the challenge is to get it right for the customer not just in store, but online and on mobile as well, to give a holistic omnichannel experience