Wholesale apps gaining momentum as retailers move on from websites

As the demand for digital is increasing at a rapid rate, retailers are seeking more and better wholesale digital portals. More retailers than ever using online as their main platform when placing an order with their chosen wholesaler. In fact, the Wholesale Online 2019 report shows in 2008 more than three quarters of retailers who

Are you maximising the use of your content with Nielsen Brandbank?

With over two decades of experience in providing retailers and suppliers with a global solution, Nielsen Brandbank removes complexity and cost from the industry. Providing all the essential images and data needed to sell a product online and for merchandising in store, Nielsen Brandbank is the behind the scenes partner creating, managing and syndicating grocery

New members join the Nielsen Brandbank and Erudus partnership

Medina Foodservice and Bikold Foodservice have become the latest wholesalers to join the partnership between Nielsen Brandbank and Erudus in 2019. Nielsen Brandbank and Erudus are now in their second year of a partnership aimed at providing a unified solution for the FMCG industry. Members of this growing partnership have access to high-quality product information

PODCAST: Voice technology and FMCG brands

Did you know that out of the 20% of households who own a smartspeaker, over 6% of those use the devices to buy grocery products (Nielsen Homescan Survey). How consumers shop for their products is changing and research predicts that by 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice searches (Campaign Live, 2016). Which is