New wholesaler joins the Nielsen Brandbank and Erudus partnership

Chapple & Jenkins become the latest wholesaler to join the Nielsen Brandbank and Erudus partnership. Powering one unified solution for the industry, Nielsen Brandbank and Erudus capture, manage and distribute accurate product information between brand manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers. As part of the syndication partnership, Nielsen Brandbank shares base line content to Erudus’ data pool,

Nielsen Brandbank partners with Vypr to launch new service, Pilot

With over 75% of new product development launches failing in their first year, Nielsen Brandbank has partnered with Vypr to deliver Pilot, an A/B testing solution for the industry. From product concepts and product descriptions to image optimisation, Pilot delivers consumer-led insight into the decision making process, reducing the chance of failure once the product

The importance of online for the wholesale and foodservice industry

It comes as no surprise that high quality and accurate data is critical for wholesalers and foodservice businesses today. With the percentage of independent foodservice operators using online as their main ordering method from a delivery wholesaler has grown from 13% in 2010 to 49% today, data has never been more important. Through our syndication


Are millennials changing the way we eat?

Comprised of people aged in their late teens to early 30s, millennials are the largest living generation and have the greatest buying power in today’s market. Millennials see food as an experience. It is no longer just about breakfast, lunch and dinner. As a collective millennials are better connected than any generation, putting food at

V-commerce. Voice assistant technology

Voice technology, what’s next?

With technology developing at a blistering pace, it can be easy to get left behind in the arms race. Voice technology appears to be the new battleground with sides being chosen and lines drawn. But is this a cause worth fighting for, or will voice technology fall by the wayside with smart speakers left to