Join Nielsen Brandbank’s Global Managing Director at the Global Summit in June

The FMCG industry has never faced disruption at a faster pace, with new technologies, changing consumer demands ensuring turbulence from all sides. We are no longer able to discuss these individual solutions in isolation, as the industry needs to come together to collaborate and reimagine and redesign the future. The annual Global Summit is exclusively

LiberEat chooses Nielsen Brandbank to power new app

How many times have you picked up a product in a supermarket, read all of the ingredients on the label and then found out one of your family members is allergic? You need to start the search all over again to find something suitable. Two million people in the UK live with a diagnosed food

Retailers and the fight against plastics

In a recent Nielsen Homescan survey, 88% of shoppers said they agreed that retailers should do more to reduce the amount of plastic packaging used on grocery products (State of the Nation, 2019). Recycling plastics has become a major talking point in recent years, with many raising the concerns of what the material is doing