Asda accelerates their rich content strategy with NielsenIQ Brandbank

October 18, 2021| by AmyDunning

Today, Asda, one of the largest retailers in the UK, announced its partnership with NielsenIQ Brandbank to amplify their product listings with enhanced content across their Online Groceries platform. As part of this partnership, NielsenIQ Brandbank will be Asda’s official enhanced product content provider, enabling Asda’s suppliers to build dynamic product pages at the touch of a button, maximising the opportunity for higher conversions and increased sales.  

With online being the fastest growing channel in FMCG over the past year, Asda prioritised one of their key objectives and accelerated their rich content strategy with the aim to provide their shoppers with an enhanced, personalised shopping experience online. To unlock these opportunities, Asda chose NielsenIQ Brandbank, their existing digital content provider for 13 years to optimise product description pages utilising their Connect+ solution.  

The combination of the partnership and NielsenIQ Brandbank’s technologies will provide incremental value to the industry and is the perfect harmonisation of an industry leading retailer and content provider working together to enhance and accelerate the rich content creation management and distribution, offering to go above and beyond the basic back of pack product information.  

With enhanced product content now live on Asda’s product description pages, and comparison tables and product tours being available in the near future, Asda’s suppliers will have the opportunity to elevate the online shopping experience by exhibiting their products to the highest level. This will ultimately lead to increased shopper engagement, improved search engine optimisation, and a shortened path to purchase as the overall online shopping experience improves.  

Rob Barlow, Senior Manager of eCommerce Merchandising commented, “Over the past few years we have been on a mission to improve our basics on Front and Back of pack imagery and content to ensure we are on time and fully compliant with current and new legislations on the horizon. Our partnership and operating model on the basics with NielsenIQ Brandbank has now reached first class industry levels, so it is fitting that we are now accelerating elevated product page content with the same provider. We firmly believe that investment into additional content will create the height of information to support customer curiosity and in turn increased conversion across brands and own label.” 

Sean Roberts, Head of Retail at NielsenIQ Brandbank commented, “World class content is no longer something we should aspire to provide shoppers online. One of Asda’s key strategic objectives was how we focus on customer longevity and how we enhance the customer journey online. NielsenIQ Brandbank explored how we could provide Asda shoppers with a richer more personalised shopping experience online using our Connect+ platform. We are excited about our partnership with Asda that enables suppliers with the opportunity to enrich their product description pages and for this to become the new standard of online content.” 


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