Are You Accelerating Your Wholesale Business Online?

July 15, 2021| by Erin Bayliss

The adoption of ecommerce accelerated at an exceptional rate due to the impact of the global pandemic, yet the wholesale industry experienced minimal digital growth. Why? Some of this can be attributed to the knock on effect multiple lockdowns had on the wholesale and foodservice channels, but in that time, the user experience and navigation capabilities of wholesale and foodservice online websites generally was not adequate enough to encourage wholesale customers to use their platforms. 

Digital investment is key and something that cannot be ignored. 2020 saw a seismic shift in customer behaviour habits, with one in five people using online channels as their primary method of purchasing. This growth is set to stay, and the smart wholesalers have already positioned digital at the heart of their business,  transforming customer confidence and brand awareness with accurate range management, quality assured ‘best in class’ digital product content, backed by industry-leading processes, technology and automation.

For wholesalers looking to deliver the best buying experiences for their customers, product digitalisation is the game-changer. Ecommerce allows wholesalers to leverage sales with 24|7 online presence and keeps customers engaged in product ranges, and the opportunity to build hype for new products which encourages consistent buyer interaction and drives sales. Providing all of the required product information in one place gives wholesale customers confidence when buying, and they are less likely to go elsewhere to find more information before making that purchase for their business.

Attempting to serve more channels with engaging, competitive product content in today’s digital market is a challenge if you do not have the right digital partner. 

You are invited to join our next Wholesale webinar “Getting it Right Online” on Thursday 29th July at 10:00 am. Oliver Best, our Wholesale Lead, discusses some of the recent industry challenges and how to turn them into opportunities – driving order size and customer spend by fixing the basics online.


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